2021 Southern Illinois Showdown (Sept.)  Livestream

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Stream on all  your favorite devices:

How to Stream Our Event

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Any questions about the live stream email us at whatssmokinlivestream@gmail.com

Livestream Tutorial

Please watch if it is your first time purchasing a livestream thru us.

Helpful Tips

  • After you purchase the livestream, to access the video, go to your email and click ACCESS EVENT.

  • We recommend using the same device you plan on watching the livestream as you do to purchase the livestream.

  • Only 1 device can access the livestream at one time per purchase. 

  • If you have any issues please email whatssmokinlivestream@gmail.com. We will do our best to help with any issues.

  • We go live 30 minutes before pull time. We recommend accessing the video during that time to have the livestream active.

  • If you join the livestream in progress, you will be able to rewind the livestream during the event.

  • 100 % of the ticket sales goes to the promoter.