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1. Maximum weight permitted 10,200#


2. Maximum cubic inch limit is 680. Maximum of 8 cylinders permitted. OEM aftermarket replacement blocks permitted, which will follow these guidelines:

2a. 6 cylinder maximum
2b. Camshaft must remain in the OE location. No overhead cams permitted.
2c. Fuel injection pump musty remain in OEM location
2d. Height maximum  Center of crankshaft to cylinder head surface not to exceed one inch over OEM dimension (block, gaskets, deck/spacer plates)
The only acceptable fuel is diesel fuel.

3. No combustible agents allowed in water injection.

4. One turbo-charger is allowed, as is one pressure stage and one air compressing device.

5. Maximum wheel base is 114' and maximum length is 13' from center of the rear axle to forward most part of the tractor.

6. The engine placement can be no further forward than 60' from the centerline of rear axle to the rear of the block.

7. The front nose of the crankshaft can be no lower than 4' of the center of the rear axle.

8. Component tractors are permitted. All new component tractors must have approval of sheetmetal and engine combination from PPL Tech committee.

9. Intercoolers are permitted.

10. Maximum tire size will not exceed 24.5 X 32.

11. All Pro-Stock tractor will require a 47.1 SFI Spec rollover protection.

10,000 Pro Stock

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