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This class is going to be a combination of several pulling associations. The Hot Farm class from  P.P.L. Midwest Regional, Indiana Pulling League, ORVTPA, and Hoosier State, Badger State Tractor Pullers, Hot Farm class from the P.P.L East Coast Series, Pro Farm from the Interstate Truck and Tractor Pullers and the Super Pro Farm class from the Dragon Motorsports Power Pulling League. The competition directors have communicated with engine builders and dyno operators and have put these tractors together in this class for 2020. Hopefully this variety of machines will have a close and exciting competition for the competitors and our fans.


PPL Midwest, IPL, ORVTPA, Hoosier State Hot Farm Rules:

1. Maximum weight permitted 9,500#

2. 20.8 x 38 Maximum tire size. No rim size larger than 38 in diameter.

3. Water Injection: High pressure water injection is allowed in the crossover pipe and ported water is allowed in the intake manifold only, not in the head. Water only permitted.

4. No cooling devices of any kind permitted. No ice on tractor during competition.

5. Engines

5a. 510 cubic inch limit (+ or – 1 percent). Maximum of 8 cylinders permitted. Two valve cylinder heads only. (OEM or stock replacement head for make and model).

5b. Not allowed to cross manufacturer’s lines.

6. Turbos

6A. Intake – 3.00” inlet, Map width enhancement is allowed. Maximum map width .200”. MWE groove must be inside neck area where intake covered is measured at 3.00”. Compressor wheel must protrude into three inch bore. Intake housing to be no larger than three inches at the face of the wheel.

6B –Exhaust- 3.50” exhaust housing maximum. All turbine wheel blades protrude into exhaust housing bore. All air must exit through exhaust housing opening. No map width enhancements on exhaust housing permitted. Turbine wheel exhaust blade clearance maximum from exhaust housing, 0.060”. (intent - No cone shaped wheels) Turbine housing to be no larger than 3.50” inches at intersection of turbine wheel face and tip diameter. No waste gates will be permitted. No variable geometric turbos permitted.


7. Intake manifold maximum inlet size 3.75” measured on the outside diameter. One inlet pipe only.

8. Largest fuel injection pump allowed will be a P-8600 pump with only one plunger per cylinder.

9. Exhaust headers are allowed

Badger State Tractor Pullers/UPM 466 Hot Farm


1. Weight: 9,500 lbs. 

2. Front Hitch - All vehicles must have a front hitch attached to the vehicle that is capable of supporting the weight of the front of the vehicle. It must be the furthest most point on the vehicle and be centrally located. The hitch must have a minimum of a 3 inch diameter hole to allow for the 3 point mounted hitches on the movers to manipulate the competing vehicles. No weights are to be positioned next to the hitch in a way that may restrict the turning radius of the movers once they have picked up the front of the vehicle. 

3. Hoods - Tractor must retain stock appearance and sheet metal stock location. Allow for updates.


4. Shields - All tractors must have a deflection shield on both sides of the engine, and cover the entire engine, either aluminum or steel not less than 0.060 thick. There must be a firewall that separates the operator from the engine compartment with no holes other than those used for controls to pass through. In that instance, each hole is not to have more than .05 inch clearance around the item passing through the firewall. .060 thick steel or .120 aluminum must run between the frames and under the harmonic balancer to prevent loss of harmonic balancer from the tractor. 

5. Throttle - Throttle lever must have a spring installed such that if the throttle lever is released, the engine will return to an idle. Throttle must function such that moving the throttle lever forward, increases the engines RPM. 

6. Fenders - All tractors must have fenders and must support weight of driver. Top of fender must extend no less than a 6 inches over the top of the tires. 

7. Chassis - Maximum of 114 inch wheelbase unless originally produced with a longer wheelbase at which point the wheelbase will remain stock. Maximum length of 13 feet from center of rear axle to forward-most point of vehicle excluding the front hitch. No component tractors allowed. 

8. Brakes - All tractors must have working rear brakes capable of sliding the rear tires. 

9. Drawbar - Must be a minimum of 18 inches behind center of rear axle, a maximum of 20 inches in height, and be ridged in all directions. Hitching eye to be a minimum of 1 inch thick with a 3 inch by 3.5 inch inside diameter hole. 

10. PPL Badger State Cubic Inch and Turbocharger Limits: 470 cid and 3 inch X 3 inch smooth bore turbocharger: Single turbo with 3-inch diameter intake maximum. Diameter measured at front face of wheel. Compressor wheel must enter into the compressor housing. 

11. Fuel - Stock fuel for make and model of tractor (No Compressed air, Nitrous Oxide or Fuel Conversions, No Propane, or Nitro Methane allowed) with exception of starting aid. Water injection allowed. ALL WATER INJECTION WATER USED DURING COMPETITION WILL PURCHASED FROM WHATSSMOKIN PROMOTIONS. 

12. Tires - 20.8 x 38 MAXIMUM

13. Fuel Pump - Bosch P series pump allowed. Model 3000 and 7100 maximum. NO 8000 series pumps allowed. 

14. Exhaust headers are NOT allowed. 

15. Engine - OEM stock block, head, intake manifold & exhaust manifold must be used for make and model of vehicle being entered. No aftermarket components allowed. No aluminum heads. 

16. Stabilizer Bars - Stabilizer bars are required (no wheels allowed). The stabilizer bars cannot be bolted, welded, etc. to the drawbar in any way. The stabilizer bars must extend a minimum of 32 inches rearward from the center of the rear axle. The skid pad cannot be more than 10 inches off of the ground. The skid pad must be a minimum of 5X 5 square. A minimum of 20 inches is allowed between the 2 skid pads. No cross bars are allowed on the stabilizer bars behind the point of hook. 

17. Air Shutoff - Vehicle must have a cable operated engine air intake shutoff device. Device cannot be a butterfly type and must be spring-loaded. Cable must be located approximately 4 feet above the point of hook and within 6 inches of the center of the vehicle. Device must prevent the engine from building boost. The sled requires a 2-inch ring or equivalent be attached at the end of the cable. Mount cable in clear view. Do not mount below weights. 

18. Neutral Start: Vehicle must not be able to be started while in gear. 

19. Clutch - Clutch and Flywheel Must Be Steel. Notarized papers required. 

20. Clutch Blanket - Tractors must be equipped with a minimum of 17” wide, 6 straps SFI 4.2 clutch blanket. Blanket must overlap a minimum of 6 inches. 

21. Dump Valve - A 3-way fuel dump valve is required ahead of the injection pump. This valve is to be operated by a cable on the dash. 

22. Fire Extinguisher - Vehicle must be equipped with a minimum of a 2.5 lb dry type or a 2 lb Haylon type fire extinguisher that must be located within easy reach of the operator. Fire extinguisher must be fully charged. 

23. Floorboard - All vehicles must be equipped with a floorboard. 

24. Personal Safety Equipment - Driver must wear a helmet, snell rating of 85 or higher and a head sock. Driver must wear a fire suit jacket and pants, SFI 3.2A-1 minimum. Driver must wear SFI approved shoes. Driver must wear a minimum of SFI approved single layer gloves and neck collar. 

25. Exhaust - A smoke tube is required, indoor only. Exhaust must have two 3/8 of one inch bolts; grade 5 minimums, positioned in the exhaust tube 90 degrees to each other and with 1 inch of each other. 

P.P.L. East Coast Series Hot Farm

WEIGHT – 10,000 LBS.

1.Tractors must be agricultural tractors having chassis, engine, clutch, transmission, differential housing, hood and grill of the manufacturer. OEM Cylinder Head. No re-casted or aluminum heads allowed.  No Overhead Cams Allowed. Engine, clutch, transmission and differential housings must be bolted together as one unit in stock location - OEM Length & location from rear end housing to front of the engine. No Component. Injection Pump no larger than an A-Pump, one plunger per cylinder. Tractors must have wide front axle and must track within rear wheels. Tractors must have steel flywheel and clutch components. NO CAST. All clutch housing must have SFI Blanket. Manifolds – OEM Intake and Exhaust.


2. 466 Maximum cubic inches.

3.Water Injection is allowed.

4.Intercoolers are allowed.

5.Turbo – Turbo must have restrictor plate ¼ inch thick with a hole no larger than 2.8” in diameter to be measured 2” from the compressor wheel blade. All air must go through the 2.8 turbo inlet restrictor plate. No oval or oblong shaped holes permitted. There must be only one turbo going through one pressure stage. No welding to the turbine housing permitted. Exhaust housing to be a T-4 series base.

6.Must have side shields (aluminum.125 or steel .090). Must have quick release fasteners to remove shields.

7.Exhaust must discharge vertically upward. Must be at least 18 inches above hood. No curved pipes or rain caps allowed. Pipe must be cross bolted with two (2) 3/8” Grade five bolts within 1 inch of each other in vertical pipe and two (2) 5/1” Grade five bolts within 1 inch of exhaust housing.

8.Vehicle with a plastic or fiberglass hood must be shielded in the turbo area with a minimum of aluminium .125 or of steel .060.

9.Minimum drawbar length of 18 inches from center of rear axle to point of hook. Drawbar must be rigid in all directions with maximum of 20 inches from top of hitch to the ground.

10.All tractors must have air shut off at rear of tractor and  must be able to be operated manually by the operator from the seat.

11.Rear wheelie bars – Pads on bottom of bars

a.) A minimum of 5-inch square or 4x6 pads

b.) Pads to be a minimum of 32 inches rearward from the center of the rear housing

c.) Pads maximum of 10 inches off ground. Width of pads to be a minimum of 20 inches outside to outside.

d.) Minimum 12-inch-high bumper bars – top to be fastened to wheelie bar frame.

e.) Wheelie bars must support weight of the tractor for weight class being pulled

12. Tires – Maximum 24.5x32 Not over 38 inches. Top cut only

13. SFI 47.1 Roll cage mandatory.

14. Diesel Fuel only. No Hot Fuel. Only additive allowed – will be approved lubricants.

15. Driver MUST wear SFI Approved Fire suit, Helmet, Gloves, Shoes, Head/Helmet Sock. Seat Belt must be worn when pulling.

16. Tractors barrier between the driver and any part of the rear tires. The barrier must be able to sufficiently support the weight of the driver and must extend a minimum of 6 inches horizontally at the top and a minimum of 3 inches wide at the top.

17. Fire extinguisher must be mounted within reach of the driver.

18. Fuel dump valve is required.

19. No accelerants, propane or alcohol mixtures allowed.

20. All tractors must have front ski. Maximum 4 inches off ground.

21. Wheel Base – Maximum 114”. Extended weight frames will be allowed. Total length of weight frame no more than 13’ from the center rear axle.


Dragon Motorsports Super Pro Farm Rules:

    Weigh: 9,500

  1. No Billet Injection pumps, maximum pump size is 3000 series P Pump 13 mm and must have spring on throttle linkage at pump in case cable breaks, it will pull it back to idle.

  2. Tractor make of motor, chassis and transmission to match brand of tractor. OEM head, block, transmission and rear end or manufactures’ replacement. 

  3. 540 cubic inch engine limit.

  4. Intercoolers and water injection allowed.

  5. One (1) turbo charger with 3.0” inlet with all air entering in through the 3.0” inlet or a 3.0” restrictor which can be no more than 2” forward of the compressor wheel. The exhaust housing overall dimensions are no more than 7.5” in diameter and compressor housing is no more than 8.0”.

  6. Exhaust pipe has to have 2 sets of cross bolts; 1 set has to be 3/8” grade 5 bolts and 2nd set has to be 5/16” grade 5 bolts. Exhaust has to be at least 18” above the hood.

  7. You must have side shields in order to pull.

  8. No factory steel fans. Must have electric or none.

  9. Minimum drawbar length: 18”, maximum height is 20” and must be rigid in all directions.

  10. All tractors will require Air shut off for sled to hook to and one for driver to pull, scatter blanket for clutch housing. Clutch must have all steel components, SFI approved.

  11. Wheelie bars with minimum 5” square pads and 12” high bumper bars and maximum of 10” off ground. They must support weight of tractor.

  12. Roll bar for rollover protection must be tall enough to be at top of driver’s helmet and support weigh of pulling vehicle.

  13. Dead man’s throttle required.

  14. Front axle skid bars mandatory.

  15. Maximum tire width is 24.5” and rim diameter is maximum 38” . No puller or Puller 2000 tires are allowed.( Puller 2000, Parkes Puller, Pro Puller not allowed) Old style Firestone  23 degree pullers are allowed single cut or double cut. No Radial tires of any kind are allowed.

  16. Working fire extinguisher required.

  17. All tractors must have working rear brakes.

  18. All tractors must have fenders and hood.

  19. The frame and weights must not extend any further than 13 feet from the center of rear axle excluding tow hook.

  20. Any tractor is subject to inspection at any time.

  21. Driver must wear helmet and fire suit.

9,500 Hot Farm

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