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9,300 Super Farm


1. 2025 Update: Maximum weight permitted 9,400 lb. Non intercooled, 9,200 lb. Intercooled, and 9,000 lbs. for Outlaw legal Super Farms


2. Maximum cubic inch limit is 640. Maximum of 8 cylinders permitted.

3. Stock appearing head for that model or series engine permitted. Recast heads permitted

4. Intake manifold: Maximum inlet size 3.75 inch measured on the outside diameter. One inlet pipe only.

5. OEM exhaust manifolds for that model and series engine only permitted on cylinder head.

6. Intercoolers are permitted with the use of water and/or ice only with the tractors weighing 9,200 lbs.

7. Overhead cams are not permitted.

8. Chassis-
8a. Components are not permitted.
8b.OEM rearend, transmission, and engine must be in stock location, bolted and secured to OEM chassis.
8c. Engine can not move independent or rearend/transmission housing(s).
8d. Stock transmission housing or manufacturer’s replacement and stock final drive housings or manufacture’s replacement.
8e. Chassis and frame must remain stock from rear of engine block to the rear of tractor.
8f. Tie bars are mandatory or full frame must be mounted rigid to engine, transmission, and final drive housings.

9. Fuel Systems: Largest fuel injection pump allowed will be P-pump OEM housing with only one plunger per cylinder. No aftermarket pump housings permitted.

10. Turbo Rules for 2020: Limited to ONE 3” by 3” slotted turbo turbocharger OR a 2019 Outlaw Truck and Tractor Pullers legal Super Farm turbocharger for the 2019 summer.

 11. No waste gates will be permitted.

12. No variable geometric turbos permitted.

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