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9,000 Pro Farm


1. Weight – 9,000 lbs. P-pump, 9,500 lbs. A-pump


2. Engine- Maximum 470 cubic inches. OEM stock block, head, intake manifold & exhaust manifold must be used for make and model of vehicle being entered. No aftermarket components allowed.


3. Chassis - Maximum of 114” wheelbase unless originally produced with a longer wheelbase at which point the wheelbase will remain stock. Maximum length of 13 feet from center of rear axle to forward-most point of vehicle excluding the front hitch.


4. Tires - 20.8-38 ONLY


5. RPM - 3500 RPM maximum. Vehicle must have an ISSPRO #019R8906 magnetic pickup attached to the front of the engine to measure engine RPM’s. The lead from the pickup to the rear of the vehicle is to be made of 14-16 gauge wire attached to a 110V, 3 prong female electrical outlet. The 2 wires from the pickup need to be attached to the 2 main spades, not the ground spade, of the electrical outlet. This outlet receptacle needs to be mounted next to the rear mounted air shutoff cable. Wire must be one (1) continuous wire outside the side rails and visible. NO SPLICES.


6. Fuel Pump - Bosch P series pump allowed Model 3000 and 7100 only, No 8600 series allowed. 13mm plunger diameter maximum. Only one plunger per cylinder allowed.


7. Turbo - STOCK GARRETT GT42 3” by 3”. Any internal alterations to either the intake or exhaust side will be deemed illegal and the competitor will receive a LIFETIME BAN NOT ONLY FROM the PRO FARM class, but from ALL FUTURE P.P.L. competition. Exhaust housing mounting pattern must not be any larger than 2.75” X 3.5”.


8. Fuel/Water - Diesel fuel only. Water injection allowed. NO intercoolers of any sort allowed in the air intake system of the tractor.


9. Clutch/Blanket- Clutch must be SFI approved. Certification papers required. - Tractors must be equipped with a minimum of 17” wide, 6 strap SFI 4.2 clutch blanket. Blanket must overlap a minimum of 6 inches.


10. Shields - All tractors must have a deflection shield on both sides of the engine, and cover the entire engine, either aluminum or steel not less than 0.060” thick. There must be a fire wall that separates the operator from the engine compartment with no holes other than those used for controls to pass through. In that instance, each hole is not to have more than 1⁄2-inch clearance around the item passing through the fire wall. .060” thick steel or .120” aluminum must run between the frames and under the harmonic balancer to prevent loss of harmonic balancer from the tractor.


11. Floorboard - All vehicles must be equipped with a floorboard.


12. All other Super Stock OEM chassis and safety rules apply

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