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Tractor must be equipped with “dead man’s” throttle. All tractors must have a neutral or clutch safety switch. 


1) Drawbars shall meet the following: drawbar to be a minimum of 2 square inches total steel material at any point. This includes the area of the pin with the pin removed. The pin will be a minimum of 7/8 inch. Drawbar must be equipped with a steel hitching device not more than 1.5 x 1.5 square, (or 1.5 round), and with an oblong shaped hole 3.75 inches long and 3 inches wide. 

2) No drawbar support tubes attached above the centerline of the rear axle, unless using the stock drawbar support for that make and model. Absolutely no drawbar supports designed to pull only from, or to be attached only to a point above the centerline of the rear axle. 

3) Drawbar maximum height 20 inches

4) Drawbar to be no shorter than 18 inches Front Hitch - All vehicles must have a front hitch attached to the vehicle that is capable of supporting the weight of the front of the vehicle. It must be the furthest most point on the vehicle and be centrally located. The hitch must have a minimum of a 3 inch diameter hole to allow for the 3 point mounted hitches on the movers to manipulate the competing vehicles. No weights are to be positioned next to the hitch in a way that may restrict the turning radius of the movers once they have picked up the front of the vehicle. 


1. Each competing vehicle must have a working ISSPRO #019R8906 magnetic pickup attached to the front of the engine to measure engine RPMs. The lead from the pickup to the rear of the vehicle is to be made of 14-16 gauge wire attached to an 110V, 3 prong female electrical outlet. The 2 wires from the pickup need to be attached to the 2 main spades, not the ground spade, of the electrical outlet. This outlet receptacle needs to be mounted next to the rear mounted air shutoff cable. Wire must be one (1) continuous wire outside the side rails and visible. NO SPLICES!!! The pickup MUST be in working order during competition. If a competitors pick up does not work during competition the vehicle will be disqualified. 

2. Engine must be stock block for that make or model. 3. Engines are limited to agricultural produced intake and exhaust manifolds. 

4. No intercoolers allowed. OEM agricultural intercooler manifolds are allowed without any cooling assistance hooked up. 

5. Tractors are limited to 505 cubic inches unless make and model of tractor is offered with larger displacement from the factory. 

6. Factory produced vehicles greater than 505 cubic inches are limited to the factory offered displacement of the vehicle. (i.e. JD 6030 is limited to 531 cubic inches) NO BIG BLOCK DEERE 619 engines!!!!! 

7. Engine RPM is limited to 3000 maximum RPM. IPA Tractors 2750 rpm max.

8. Farm Stock tractors are limited to a single turbocharger with a 2.330 inch inducer bore restriction within 2 inches of the face of the intake wheel. A single MAP grove allowed, no bigger than .250 

9. No air-cooling agents. 

10. Farm Stock tractors are limited to stock appearing injection pumps with factory external dimensions for make and model of vehicle being entered. 

11. No aluminum or aftermarket heads are allowed. NO RECAST HEADS ALLOWED. 

12. Engine must be stock appearing for that make and model of tractor. Chassis 

1. Tractors are to be stock appearing. This is a Farm Stock class and should be presented as such. 

2. All housings must be stock appearing for that make and model of tractor. 

3. Must run OEM axles and axle housings for that make and model of tractor.(including Planetary axle) 

4. Fenders are required. 

5. Aluminum rear wheels allowed

Exhaust Systems
Exhaust - A smoke tube is required. Exhaust must have two 3/8 bolts, grade 5 minimum, positioned in the exhaust tube 90 degrees to each other and within 1 inch of each other. Fuel and Fuel Containers
1. No nitrous oxide, oxygen or nitro methane.
2. Tractors must run on diesel.
3. No water or alcohol injection.

Kill Switches
1. All diesel competing vehicles must have an air shut-off and fuel shut off in working at order at all times. 

2. On a diesel tractor, the kill cable must activate the air shut-off or fuel shut off required on a diesel engine. A cable may be used for this purpose, but must have positive type enclosed cable for the air shut-off. The cap must have a spring loaded closing mechanism. It is recommended that a gasket / seal arrangement be used. to more effectively shut off air flow. Door or rain cap air shut offs (no butterfly type) will be required on all self ignition engines with a separate control for the driver. Control for driver not to be the same as for the sled. No electrical operated air shut-offs allowed. 

3. All kill switches must be mounted independent of drawbar and/or wheelie bars / stabilizer bars. 

4. The kill switch must be located in the rear center (maximum of 6 inches off center in any direction), approx four feet above the hook point. 

5. The breakaway kill switches must have attached to them a minimum of a 2-inch diameter ring, with a minimum 1/8 inch cross-sectional thickness. The cable from the sled will be attached to this ring. 

6. Portion of the kill switch and mounting bracket(s) must be able to withstand 32 pounds of pull per switch when pulled independently or collectively. 

7. Diesel engines must have a fuel shut-off valve control within easy reach of driver (your normal fuel shut-off on diesel pump). All diesel engines must be equipped with an emergency shutdown air shut-off at the air intake, which can be utilized from the tractor seat. Stabilizer Bars

1. Stabilizer bars are required. The drawbar assembly will not in any way be attached to the stabilizer bar assembly. 

2. The stabilizer bar must extend a minimum of 32 inches behind a line drawn from the center of the wheel to the ground. Pad must not be more than 10 inches off the ground at 32-inch point and be measured during hitch check before competition. The stabilizer pad must be a minimum of 5 inches square with a minimum of 20 inches allowed from outside of one pad to the other. No crossbars between stabilizer bars allowed behind point of hook. 

1. Any engine driven fan must be shrouded 360 degrees. 
2. Side Shields - All tractors must have a deflection shield on both sides of the engine, and cover the entire engine, either aluminum or steel not less than 0.060 of an inch thick. There must be a fire wall that separates the operator from the engine compartment with no holes other than those used for controls to pass through. In that instance, each hole is not to have more than one inch clearance around the item passing through the fire wall. .060 of an inch thick steel or .120 of an inch aluminum must run between the frames and under the harmonic balancer to prevent loss of harmonic balancer from the tractor.

3. Clutch must be SFI approved. Certification papers required.
4. Clutch Blanket - Tractors must be equipped with a minimum of 17 inches wide, 6 strap SFI 4.2 clutch blanket. Blanket must overlap a minimum of 6 inches. Please do not use a second hand blanket with holes burnt through it. 

5. All tractors must have tie bars from the rear axle housing to the frame of the tractor. 
6. All pulling vehicles must be equipped with a minimum of 2 lb. Halon type of 2.5 lb. dry-powder type fire extinguisher, full charged with a gauge, in working condition and convenient to the operator. 
7. Personal Safety Equipment - Driver must wear a helmet, snell rating of 85 or higher and neck collar. Driver must wear a fire suit jacket. SFI 3.2A-1 minimum. Driver must wear gloves, SFI 3.3-1 minimum. 
8. ROPS must be modified to Maximum height of 8 feet 6 inches. It is optional to have a roll cage with an SFI, 5 point harness. 
1. Maximum size is 20.8-38 or 18.4-42
2. Cut tires are not allowed. 

1. Maximum weight for tractor and driver is 12,000 lbs. 
2. Weights must be safely secured and must not extend rearward beyond rear tires. No weight frame may extend more than 24" beyond the furthest point of the front of the tractor


Illini State Pullers: 2Hot2Farm Rules 

12,000# 2Hot2Farm Rules 

1. Engine: 480 cubic inch maximum (zero tolerance). Decubing allowed. OEM cylinder heads for model or series of engine only. Intake and exhaust manifolds must be OEM ag application from engine manufacturer, and must bolt directly to the head without spacers or adapters. OEM replacement blocks allowed; must have stock engine-mounting plate that is made for the replacement motor and looks stock. ISP general rules regarding replacement motors apply. 

2. Fuel: Diesel fuel only as a primary fuel. Blended fuels and biodiesel allowed. 

3. Pump: Bosch A or MW series pumps with maximum of 12mm plunger, or stock-appearing pump for make and model of tractor. No P-Pumps. 

4. Turbo: Out-of-the-box Borg-Warner S360 (part number 177272 new, or 477272 remanufactured). Inducer bore diameter 2.42”. No modifications to the turbo of any kind are allowed, with the following exceptions: a) May choose any stock production exhaust housing available from Borg-Warner for S360 turbo (AR ratios of 0.83, 0.88, 0.91, or 1.00) 
b) Thrust bearing may be upgraded to heavy duty 360 degree style. 
c) External modifications to intake or exhaust housings allowed strictly for adaptation to intake and exhaust plumbing, or exhaust manifold. 
May also use any other stock, unmodified, production turbo with inducer bore diameter of 2.42” or smaller (without a reducer slug). $750 claimer on all turbos. 

5. Intercoolers: Ag application intercoolers from engine manufacturer allowed, provided that manifold bolts directly to cylinder head without spacers or adapters. Modifications to manifold for intake plumbing adaptation allowed. Liquid source for intercooler core must be directly shared with engine block/head (no dry blocks). Cooling system must utilize single water pump and single fill location (electric water pump allowed). Nothing colder than ambient (ice, evaporative cooling, etc.) can be utilized as a cooling agent, either directly, or through a heat exchanger, anywhere in the cooling system or intake system. Nothing can be injected anywhere in the intake air stream. 

6. RPM Limit: 3000 rpm maximum, as monitored from sled, or random spot check. Disqualification determined by ISP board review. Tractor must be equipped with ISSPRO #R8906, 2-wire speed sensor with single magnet mounted to speed target (one pulse per engine revolution). Wire harness must be in full view and be connected (without splices) to a standard 110V female, grounded receptacle located in similar position as kill switch connection with clear access for sled hook-up. 

7. Tires: 20.8 x 38 or 18.4 x 42 maximum. Ag tires only. Top-cutting allowed (no alterations to front of lugs or face of tire). Any rim width or wheel style allowed. 

8. Weight: 12,000 lb. 

9. Chassis: Tractor to remain stock appearing with stock wheelbase for make and model (within 4” variance). Factory style ROPS or roll-cage required (See General Tractor Safety Rule 22). Front weight bracket must be in stock location. PTO, 3-point, and rock-shaft may be removed. 

10. Safety: All general safety rules apply, with the exception of Rule 19 (fuel dump valve requirement). 


12,000 Farm Stock

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