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The rules are as follows:




1961 and older

18.4x38, Any cut, Bias Only

Front weight bracket length 11ft maximum from centerline of rear axle

Side shields required

Working kill switch required

Seats must have a seat back with a minimum height of 8 inches

Fenders required

Max 20 inch hitch height, minimum 18 inch hitch length from center line of rear axle

Gas or Diesel only

No turbos, superchargers, or nitrous allowed

Single updraft carburetor only

Narrow or wide fronts allowed. Must have provision to tow tractor from trailer, to pits, and to edge of track.

Each competing vehicle must have a working ISSPRO #019R8906 magnetic pickup attached to the front of the engine to measure engine RPMs. The lead from the pickup to the rear of the vehicle is to be made of 14-16 gauge wire attached to an 110V, 3 prong female electrical outlet. The 2 wires from the pickup need to be attached to the 2 main spades, not the ground spade, of the electrical outlet. This outlet receptacle needs to be mounted next to the rear mounted air shutoff cable. Wire must be one (1) continuous wire outside the side rails and visible. NO SPLICES!!! The pickup MUST be in working order during competition. If a competitors pick up does not work during competition the vehicle will be disqualified."

The application to apply for this invitation-only event is at


4,250 Heritage Pro Stock

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