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Weight class   6,500 lbs. M.S.T.P.A.-M.M.T.P.A. legal tractors

Weight class   6,700 lbs. I.T.P.A. legal tractors

Weight class    6,500 lbs. K.T.P.A. Light Hot Farm

  1. ITPA tractors will be limited to a 3500 R.P.M. limit

        MSTPA-MMTPA tractors will be limited to 3,200 R.P.M.

  1. Gas turbocharged motors with 361 cu in or less to run mechanical fuel injection, NO electronic fuel injection.

  2. Tire limitations: 18.4 x 38 maximum tire size

  3. Cubic inch limited to 361 for MSTPA-MMTPA legal tractors

  4. Cubic inch limited to 380 c.i.d. and below for I.T.P.A. tractors

  5. Must run a minimum of a two (2) bar cage

  6. Sheet metal needs to be in the family of the tractor.

  7. Any ag motor with like brand ag rear-end.

  8.  All tractors will be equipped with a five-point harness and have a roll cage.

  9. Tractors will be equipped with a SFI SPEC 4.2 bell housing blanket.

  10. Maximum size of injection pump limited to a Bosch 7100 series P Pump.

  11. Water Injection is allowed on I.T.P.A. legal tractors, Intercoolers allowed on MSTPA and MMTPA legal tractors.

  12. I.T.P.A. legal tractors are limited to one 2.6” smooth bore turbocharger.

  13.  Front Hitch - All vehicles must have a front hitch attached to the vehicle that is capable of supporting the weight of the front of the vehicle. It must be the furthest most point on the vehicle and be centrally located. The hitch must have a minimum of a 3 inch diameter hole to allow for the 3 point mounted hitches on the movers to manipulate the competing vehicles. No weights are to be positioned next to the hitch in a way that may restrict the turning radius of the movers once they have picked up the front of the vehicle.

  14. Brakes - All tractors must have working rear brakes capable of sliding the rear tires.

  15.  Drawbar - Must be a minimum of 18 inches behind center of rear axle, a maximum of 20 inches in height, and be ridged in all directions. Hitching eye to be a minimum of 1 inch thick with a 3 inches by 3.5 inches inside diameter hole.

  16.  Stabilizer Bars - Stabilizer bars are required (no wheels allowed). The stabilizer bars cannot be bolted, welded, etc. to the drawbar in any way. The stabilizer bars must extend a minimum of 32 inches rearward from the center of the rear axle. The skid pad cannot be more than 10 inches off of the ground. The skid pad must be a minimum of 5 inches X 5 inches square. A minimum of 20 inches is allowed between the 2 skid pads. No cross bars are allowed on the stabilizer bars behind the point of hook. In addition to stabilizer bars, the vehicle must have a brace that extends vertically 12 inches from the rear most tip of skid pads. There must be a support brace extending inward to frame, axle or top of stabilizer bar arms. Materials used must be of minimum strength of materials used for stabilizer bars. Design and material must withstand severe impact of sled. Vertical brace should extend rearward a minimum 2 inches from radius of rear tires.

  17.  Chassis: Maximum of 114 inch wheelbase unless originally produced with a longer wheelbase at which point the wheelbase will remain stock. Maximum length of 13 feet from center of rear axle to forward-most point of vehicle excluding the front hitch.


 Light Hot Farm Rules

1.Tractors in the class will represent models 1980 and older.
2. Limited to a box, bone-stock 3LM466 turbocharger, sealed at beginning of season, Must be the factory exhaust housing supplied with the turbo. "small" motors with small base exhaust will run with 3LM466 adapted to fit their exhaust manifold. All turbo inspections will be done by SKPP Parts for this class, 270-590-0020 or turbos can be supplied through SKPP.
3. Injection Pumps: Rotary and 10mm A pump allowed all CID combinations. P Pump allowed 399CID and below only. No electronic pumps allowed.
4. 480 CID maximum cid, 0% variance. No decubing allowed to meet spec.
5. 0-399cid, 3500rpm. 400-480cid, 3000rpm monitored by sensor (sensor part # isspro R8906). No splices in harness allowed from sensor point to plug at back of tractor. 
6. No water injection, no intercoolers or aftercoolers
7. OEM exhaust and intake manifolds only for engine series used. No recast heads No profab-style transmissions.
8. Diesel Fuel only; no pressurized power-adders (propane, nitrous, etc) of any kind allowed.
9. Front of tractor weights cannot measure beyond 13 feet of centerline of rear axle. All tractors must have front lifting device for towing
10. 18.4x38 tires max, any cut, radials allowed, 18.4r or metric equivalent. 460/85 R38 or 480/80 R38
11. Hitch can be no more than 20 inches in height, a minimum of 18 inches from centerline of rear axle.
12. No shifting up or down while in competition.
13. Drivers 14 years and older allowed. Any driver under 18 requires parental consent.
14. To encourage variety, Sheet metal/Rearend/transmission must be 1980 or older and match OEM. Engine can be in series with same OEM as Sheetmetal/transmission/rear. (ex. possible combinations: 5.9 Cummins with M5 Moline metal/UTS rear, 478 Hercules with 1800 rear/1950 sheet metal, Ford Commander sheet metal/5000 rear/Genesis engine, Allis 180 with 426, IH M rear/450 Sheetmetal/400 series engine to name a few) 
15. No dataloggers allowed.

6,500 Pro Farm

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