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2022 Midwest Winter Nationals Puller Itinerary and Map

Hello Pullers,

Please see the Puller Itinerary for next week. PLEASE READ IT ALL OVER. This will let you know when you can get your vehicle into the building and any other important information including driver meeting times and a tentative class schedule each session. There is also a map for those that were not at the event last year. We want to thank everyone for their continued support of the Midwest Winter Nationals. The last couple years have not been the easiest for anyone, but we have managed to continue to put on one of the premier indoor pulling events in the US. We appreciate all your cooperation during the next couple weeks as we move around over 300 vehicles over the course of the event. This will help our staff in the back and help keep the event moving in a timely matter.

2022 Midwest Winter Nationals Itinerary
Download DOC • 39KB

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Dennis Strahle
Dennis Strahle

Lots of great information for the pullers...where is spectator information...maybe I missed it? Wondering if we can bring food/beverage/coolers into the stands? Thanks!

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