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2023 Midwest Winter Nationals Schedule Update


ATTENTION FANS: There will be a change in start times for the 2023 Midwest Winter Nationals. With a higher turnout of vehicles, we have decided to make each days session times 11:00 AM EST & 6:00 PM EST.

Sessions 1,3& 5 will be 11:00 AM start instead of the Noon start time previously listed.

Session 2, 4 & 6 will start at 6:00 EST instead of the 7:00 PM EST time previously listed.

We want to make sure we get done at a decent time each night for the fans, pullers, the building staff and for our staff.

PULLERS: this change was already put into your puller itinerary. All times are correct in the itinerary.

We appreciate everyones understanding. We look forward to seeing everyone next week!

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