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2023 Midwest Winter Nationals Updates

Online registraion is planned to open the week of September 19th. We will make an official announcement when it does. We will be utilizing a new platform for 2023 from Pullers can take the first step by creating your free account here:

If you plan on bringing multiple vehicles or have multiple drivers, you only need to create one account. Once registration opens, you go back into your account to register.

Any questions about online registration, you can contact Ryan Zoellick at 608-383-3445 or email

General admission advance ticket sales will begin October 1.

Here are the rules & class updates for the 2023 Midwest Winter Nationals:

6,500 Light Limited Super Stock will have new rules for 2023. They can be found under the rules section click here.

Highlights include:

370 alcohol single 3 x 4 smooth & 470 c.i.d. diesel 3.4” turbo =6,500#

410 single 3 x 4 smooth with cooler, 315 twin 3 x 4 smooth with cooler, 360 twin 3 x 4 smooth without cooler =6,700#

This is our effort to try to blend all the orginizations into one class. We feel this should give everyone a fair playing field when taking into consideration the different combinations of turbos, fuel, and weight across the board.

NEW Class for 2023: 8,700 Limited Pro Stock (MOD Turbo)/9,500 Super Farm.

Rules can be found here.

9,000 Light/Limited Pro Stock will follow IPL & OSTPA rules for 2023

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