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2018 Midwest Winter Nationals (Click on picture to enlarge and navigate)

Breaking News: 

February 1, 2019: Videos from the 2019 Midwest Winter Nationals are now available. Check out our video section under the 2019 tab. Thanks 

January 24, 2019: We have added our year end Pro Stock videos and video sets to the 2018 Video section. We have several in inventory and ready for shipment. If you have any questions just drop us a line at klint@whatssmokin.net or call 309-712-1406. Thanks

December 13, 2018: Whatssmokin Promotions would like to encourage everyone to support this years official motel for the Midwest Winter Nationals. Comfort Suites-Urbana has been choosen our host motel, contact Laura and her staff they are looking forward to taking care of our pullers and fans. 


December 7, 2018: Today I would like to announce our second class sponsor. The 9,700 Limited Pro Stock class at the 2019 Midwest Winter Nationals will be sponsored by the Holzhauer Auto & Motorsports Group. Owner Brad Holzhauer is one of the up and coming tractor pull promoters in the state of Illinois and has a basically one stop shopping automotive dealership located in Nashville, Illinois. We are excited to have this group back on board for the second year at the Midwest Winter Nationals. Check out their website: www.holzhauers.com/

December 6, 2018: We are excited to announce our first class sponsor for the 2019 Midwest Winter Nationals!! Tractor Zoom has elected to sponsor the 8,500 Limited Pro Stock. Tractor Zoom is an up and coming farm auction organizational company that makes the search for new and used equipment easier for the buyer. It also helps auctioneers get the word about upcoming auctions. Its great to have these guys on board for 2019. Thanks to everyone that help make this happen.  Check out the website: https://tractorzoom.com/

November 30, 2018:  We are still accepting applications for most classes for the 2019 Midwest Winter Nationals. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 309-712-1406. Thanks Klint

October 16, 2018: Tickets are now on sale for the 2019 Midwest Winter Nationals!!!

October 14, 2018: I have added several videos that are now available on dvd to the Video section. Several Puller Profiles were added to the 2019 Midwest Winter Nationals class schedule. Thanks for looking. Klint

Midwest Winter National Champions

Light Limited Super Stock

2017 Don Newton-6,700 lb. Adam Spiegelberg 6,250 lb.

2016 Mark Filiatreau-6,250 lb.

2015 Brad Powell-6,250 lb. John Anderson-6,700 lb.

2014 Mark Wyttenbach 6,400 lb.

2013 Scott Spiegelberg 6,400 lbs.

2012 Alan Mohr 6,400 lb.

2011 Mark Wyttenbach 6,400 lb. Craig Kinzenbaw-7,000 lb.

2010 Jerry Sipes-6,700 lb.

2009 Larry Hawthorn-6,700 lb.

2008 Darin Hynick-6,700 lb.

2007 Danny Barker-6,700 lb.

2006 Danny Frey-6,700 lb.

2005 Gary Horstmeier-6,700 lb.

8,500 lb. Limited Pro Stock

2017 Adrian Cox

2016 Scott Wiederholt

2015 Tab Siddens

2014 Eric Clark

2013 Rich Johnson

2012 Alan Paulson

2011 Rich Johnson

2010 Matt Smith

2009 Roscoe Mayer

2008 Brandon Hart

2007 Jay Shafer

8,700 Light Pro Stock

2017 Greg Lamb

2016 Kevin Smith

2015 Dave Hill

2014 Wes Spencer

2013 Bob Campbell

2012 Vern Zerby

2011 Nathan Graham

2009 Scott Kiskadden

9,000 lb. Limited Pro Stock

2017 Jim Bunkleman

2016 Kevin Smith

2015 Gary Holman

2014 Zach Howell

2013 Tommy Williams

2012 Travis Gordon

2011 David Streett

2010 Stuart Reed-9,500 lb.

2009 Randy Barreau-9,500 lb.

2008 David Streett- 9,500 lb.

2007 Doug Bauer-9,500 lb.

2006 Bret Drechshage-9,500 lb.

2005 Logan Smith-9,500 lb.

9,700 lb. Limited Pro Stock

2017 Steve Kier

2016 Brent Gaffney

2015 Rod Schottel

2014 Justin Wagler

2013 Dustin Hart

2012 Mike Conny

2011 Austin Ritter

2010 Rodney Knott-10,000 lb.

2009 Jeremy Smith-10,000 lb.

10,200 lb. Pro Stock

2017 Tim Shipley

2016 Mike Conny

2015 Philip Parish

2014 Dustin Hook

2013 Dustin Hook

2012 Blaine Stamm

2011 Don Masterson-Lance Little-Jeff Sapp

2010 Robby Lemke

2009 Dustin Hook

2008 Stuart Maize

2007 Jim Brackett

2006 Josh Martin

2005 Danny Cristiani

9,300 lb. Super Farm

2017 Brad Woods

2016 Shaun Boyd

2015 Josh Miley-NTPA James Slama-PPL

2014 Josh Miley-NTPA James Slama-PPL

2013 Julia Conny-NTPA Jay Smithback-PPL

2012 Mike Conny-NTPA James Slama-PPL

2011 Julia Conny-NTPA Julia Conny-PPL

2010 Taylor Van Beek-NTPA Jeff Perry-PPL

2009 Mike Palmer-NTPA Troy Schroedl-PPL

2008 Taylor Van Beek-NTPA John Kutz-PPL

2007 Troy Schroedl-NTPA Justin Johnson-PPL

2006 James Slama

2005 Blaine Stamm

9,500 lb. Hot Farm

2017 Lance Mertens

2016 John Meier Sr.

2015 John Meier Jr.

2014 Alan Paulson

2013 Dan Meier

2012 Rich Johnson

2011 Wayne Gerling

2010 Royce McGowan

2009 Brandon Trinklein

2008 Mark Dashiell

2007 Henry Frueh 9,000 lb. Brian Scott

2006 Justin LaFollette 9,000 lb.-Brian Scott

2005 Jeff Suits

9,500 lb. Pro Farm

2017 Chris Aschliman

2016 Wade Kessenich

2015 Daryl Stoll

2014 Jason Kleppe

2013 Lee Ruf

2012 Brittany Peiffer

2011 Chris Peiffer-10,000 lb.

2010 Dick Ruf-10,000 lb.

2009 Travis Johnson-10,000 lb.

2008 Chris Peiffer-10,000 lb.

2007 Travis Johnson-10,000 lb.

2006 Chris Peiffer-10,000 lb.

2005 John Meier-10,000 lb.

10,000 lb. Pro Farm

2017 Kirk Dosland

2016 Jerry Barrass

2015 Kevin Johnson

2014 Dirk Harms

2013 Kevin Johnson

2012 Kevin Johnson-10,500 lb.

2011 Lee Ruf-10,500 lb.

11,000 lb. Pro Farm

2017 James Hunt-Joe Nemetz-Nick Cunningham

2016 Bill Warfel

2015 Ryan Anderson

2014 Ryan Anderson

2013 Scott Burkhart

2012 Jerry Sacia

2011 Nick Cunningham

2010 Scott Burkhart-12,000 lb.

2009 Scott Burkhart-12,000 lb.

2008 David Bumpus-12,000 lb.

2007 Brandon Langholf-12,000 lb.

2006 Bill Smith-12,000 lb.

2005 Nick Cunningham-12,000 lb.

9,000 lb. Super Farm

2017 Lance Mertens

2016 Adrian Cox

2015 Dan Meier

2014 James Giese

2013 Dan Meier

2012 Alan Paulsen

7,900 lb. Classic Super Stock

2017 David Spillman

2016 Jon Jones

2015 Matt Spillman

2014 John Rose Jr.

2013 Todd Kendle

Natural Super Stock

2017 Bill Brooks

2016 Bill Brooks

2015 Mike Sauter

2014 Bill Brooks

2013 Jon Simpson

2012 Bill Brooks

2011 Mark Foeste

2010 Mark Foeste

2009 Matt Larsen Larry Wilson-6,200 lb.

2008 Robert Compton Mike Patterson- 6,200 lb.

2007 Rich Dannenberg

Light Pro Field

2017 Paul Knight

2016 Austin Potter

2015 Amy Dobbs

2014 Ronnie Green

2013 James Rodgers

2012 Mark Akin

2011 Jeff Dobbs

Classic Hot Rods

2017 Josh Van Horn

2016 Josh Van Horn

2015 Todd Cooperider

2014 Tim Van Horn

2013 Joe Beazley III

2012 Josh Van Horn

2011 Josh Van Horn

Light Hot Farm

2017 Carson Taylor

3.0 Limited Pro Stock Diesel F.W.D.

2017 Jason Hill

You can now watch the Midwest Winter Nationals from most internet
connected devices. The stream will have 3 camera angles, replay and score
overlay information with audio from the track-side announcers. Upon
purchase, viewers can access video for one year.

 Session 1:

 Session 2:

 Session 3:

 Session 4:

 Session 5:

 Session 6:

 Purchase price is $25 per session or all six sessions for $125


 Live email support available one hour before and during show at

This year's charity is the Eastern Illinois Foodbank: https://eifoodbank.org/impact/
Eastern Illinois Foodbank


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