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October 6, 2014:

It has been brought to my attention that several pullers in the south are not happy with our decision to raise the weight of our Light Limited Super Stock class from 6,400 lbs. to 6,700 lbs. for the 2015 Midwest Winter Nationals. This decision was made by committee after we took a close look, at the class numbers and from where our pullers are coming from.

In the winter of 2010 was the last year we ran the class at 6,700 lbs. That winter we had a total of 15 tractors competing of which 5 were from the south. That year all 5 tractors from the south made the finals with 1st and 2nd place going to the tractors from the south. In 2011 after much criticism and demand, it was decided to drop the weight of the class to 6,400 lbs. to accommodate the tractors from the south and to hopefully make it easier on the power trains of these vehicles. That year we had 7 of 15 tractors from the south and they placed 2nd and 3rd in the finals. So it looked like we had made the correct decision.

On to our 2012 event, 13 of the 23 tractors in competition came from the south. We are still feeling good with our decision to keep the weight at 6,400 lbs. That year the tractors from the south have 3 tractors in the top ten with a 2nd and 5th place finish in the finals. Things are going great for the Light Limited class!!!

The 2013 event has a little competition from another indoor, which doesn’t hurt our class numbers, we ended up having 22 tractors in the class with 12 tractors being from the south. That year 4 of the top 10 tractors were from the south with their top finishes being 4th and 5th.Which doesn’t seem real disappointing. But this was the year of the “KILLER TRACK”. There was several axles broke and motors destroyed, not only in the Light Limited class, but several other divisions as well. After the event we had a committee meeting and it was decided that we were going to back off a little on our track, with the hopes we could find a happy medium of consistency and traction, yet not destroy our competitor’s rear ends and motors.

So that brings us to last year’s event. We had 16 competitors of which 2 tractors were from the south and ironically both were diesel tractors. No alcohol burning tractors from the south were in competition. We hadn’t changed the rules, we hadn’t decreased the purse, we just lost all tractors from what we heard were “personal reasons”. Nobody called any of us, to explain their absence, it was just a unanimous, “WE AREN’T GOING” and “I’M NOT GOING TO BREAK MY TRACTOR ON THAT TRACK”. No tractors from the south made the top 10 and we were told by several pullers from the Badger State Tractor Pullers and the East Central Iowa Tractor Pulling Assn. that if we would raise the weight back to 6,700 lbs. they would support the event in 2015. At our next committee meeting that decision was made.

That brings us to this fall. I hope everyone understands our decision. I am open to any suggestions on how to resolve this situation. This class was one of the foundation classes of this event when it started in 2005. Whatssmokin Promotions L.L.C. was the first indoor event to give this class a chance to show off its ability to put on a great show with tractors of several colors. We look forward to working with everyone this winter. If anyone has any suggestions my door is always open, my cell number is 309-712-1406. I would look forward to any constructive conversation that would help the future of this class. Thanks and I hope everyone has a great fall.

Klint Tucker
Whatssmokin Promotions L.L.C.

September 30, 2014: Added the rest of our event videos to video section, will start on our year end class sets soon. We are beginning to get applications back for this years winter event. If you want to make a test pass on Wednesday, make sure to get your paper work a.s.a.p., we already have 5 of the twenty spoke fore. Have a great harvest Thanks Klint

Whatssmokin Promotions would like to thank all the sponsors, pullers and fans that supported our event this year. We enjoyed working with each of you this year and look forward to spending January 15-16-17, 2015 with you at Gordyville U.S.A. Videos are now available from this years show, and can be order from the video section. Thanks Klint

Whatssmokin Promotions would like to thank the following class sponsors for the 2014 event:

9,500 lb: Pro Farm: Suits Farm Garage
10,000 lb. Pro Farm: Scheid Diesel Service Co. Inc.
11,000 lb. Pro Farm: Colberg Hi-Performance Tractor Repair
9,500 lb. Hot Farm: Scheid Diesel Service Co. Inc.
8,500 lb: Limited Pro Stock: Harts Diesel
9,000 lb. Limited Pro Stock: Columbus Diesel
9,500 lb. Limited Pro Stock: Harts Diesel
8,500 lb: Light Pro Stock: Columbus Diesel
9,300 lb: Super Farm(PPL rules):Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League
9,300 lb: Super Farm(NFMS): Hillsboro Charity Tractor Pull
10,000 lb. Pro Stock: VanGenderen Machine
PULLOFF.COM Light Super Stock:Hillsboro Charity Tractor Pull
6,200 lb. Pro Field: Hook Magazine-Brian Lively
6,400 lb. Limited Super Stock: Full Pull Magazine

We encourage everyone involved with pulling to support our great sponsors. Thanks again. Klint

We just completed our 2013 Pro Stock Year End Videos and 2013 Limited Pro Stock videos. PS set includes 13 discs LPS set is 15 discs. It contains footage from all over the US and a few European classes as well. This set and individual videos are available via the video section of this website. Thank you. Klint

This year host hotel is Eastland Suites, Urbana, Illinois. Book your room at 217-367-8331. Our crew stayed there last year, and loved it.

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